Who We Are

Ron Friedman Lighting Design is a firm dedicated to excellence in understanding the human connection to illumination, becoming part of the project mission, and doing everything we can to help insure the target result.

We analyze lighting with computer modeling, rendering, daylight imaging, and when it is warranted, produce photorealistic, photometric based renderings. We work a project from concept, to budget, to punchlist, with respect for all team members. We are particularly good at getting projects built by accurate budgeting, rigorous specifications, and diligent project management.

Above all, we listen, engage in a dialogue with our clients, and partner with them to produce a mutually beneficial outcome.

Ron Friedman

Ron Friedman

Ron Friedman is the principal of Ron Friedman Lighting Design, an architectural lighting design firm he founded in 1993. He is graduate of Case-Western University. His experience in the industry exceeds 40 years.